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Are you a job seeker who would like to change your industry or to apply yourself to a different industry?
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Looking to organise Training for your organisation?
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Do you need to upgrade your company's Competency Profile or need to run a Competency Framework, Skills Gap Analysis or Training Needs Analysis?

In today’s age, employers cannot afford to wait for new recruits who join their teams to be sourced, to be given induction training, and very often to invest in months of technical and formative training in order for the ‘Performing’ level to be reached. Sometimes it is only after long months even following the Probationary Period that both new recruits and respective employers alike, realise that the employee is not a good ‘fit’. Apart from the high investment loss due to a potential ‘bad fit’, nowadays it may be that by the time a new recruit is fully trained it would already be time for some employees to move on and to seek new pastures and new opportunities.


IDEA Resourcing  is an organisation with an unparalleled Unique Selling Point: that of building collaborative relationships with organisations with the scope of understanding their Corporate Culture and Identity, position, Human Resource Needs, Competency Frameworks and industry requirements and assisting such organisations to recruit candidates who would be termed a ‘perfect fit’ for a company’s holistic profile.


The company offers a unique concept service whereby Recruitment Consultancy Experts can profile job seekers and offer them training or personal coaching required for the type of positions more suited to their holistic profile.


First Contact

As soon as you get in touch, a Recruitment Consultant will call you back and set a meeting. During this meeting (virtual or in person) the consultant will get to know you, your organisation’s holistic profile. The recruitment consultant may suggest a meeting to visit you on-site for a better understanding of and to map the Job holistic profile.

Candidate Shortlisting

From a database of job-seekers, the Resourcing Consultant would then select the best candidates for the position bearing in mind/allowing for candidates who may possess fundamental required traits by prospective employers, yet requiring training and coaching prior to placement depending on the temporal quotient involved and the urgency of the placement.

Client Communication & Selection

The IDEA Resourcing consultant then communicates the earmarked selection to the employer who commits to employment placement once the employee has been trained to the required holistic standards.

Training & Coaching

Job seeking-candidates are contacted and offered to be given training, coaching and instruction during which or following the completion of which, they are offered a work placement opportunity.

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