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The IDEA Group Story

Our Mission

To excel in always providing personalised quality service to our clients.

Our Vision Statements

To become the leading further and higher education institution in Malta.

To become the leading innovative and solution driven consulting organisation in Malta.

Our beliefsOur three core values

privacy policy

Long-term Relationships & Trust

We aim to develop a long-term, individual relationship with clients based on trust and commitment


Bespoke Approach

We believe in a bespoke approach because every client brings about unique objectives, resources and challenges


Pre-Emptive Approach

By following market research, we predict industry pain points to reach out to our clients with solutions

Our Story

Established in January 2004 as “IDEA Management & Consulting Services Limited”, IDEA Group has evolved over the years into a dynamic and multifaceted organisation, dedicated to empower growth and nurturing excellence. Our journey is marked by significant milestones that reflect our commitment to innovation, education and digital transformation.

January, 2004

IDEA Management & Consulting Services Limited was born, laying the foundation for a journey fueled by passion, commitment and a vision to provide exceptional management consultancy.

November, 2015

A decade into our operations, IDEA Group experienced its first significant growth spurt, prompting a move into our second office located in Naxxar. This marked a pivotal moment in our journey, as we expanded our team and strengthened our presence in the industry.

February, 2018

IDEA Leadership & Management Institute was established, representing our foray into the realm of private education. This initiative marked a transition from offering training programmes and services to venturing into accredited education, emphasising our dedication to fostering leadership & management skills.

March, 2019

In a world increasingly shaped by digital advancements, we recognised the need to stay ahead. Thus IDEA Intelligence was launched – our digital wing designed to leverage the power of technology for strategic insights and intelligent solutions.

June, 2019

IDEA Group was officially declared, consolidating our various ventures under three distinct pillars: IDEA Advisory, evolving from IDEA Management Consulting Services, IDEA Academy emerging from IDEA Leadership & Management Institute; and IDEA Intelligence, our digital arm. This strategic restructuring allowed us to streamline our services and enhance our focus on specific areas of expertise. 

May, 2020

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, IDEA Group experienced its second major growth spurt. Demonstrating resilience & adaptability, we relocated from our Naxxar office to our current state-of-the-art premises in Mosta. This move reflects our commitment to provide an innovative and conducive environment for our team, clients and students alike. 

March, 2021

Demonstrating our commitment to education and expansion, IDEA Academy embarked on a remarkable journey by setting up and commissioning over 15 new classrooms. This initiative was a strategic move to delve into further areas such as AML, Technology, Healthcare, Sustainability and the Green Economy. The investment in these new classrooms reflects our dedication to these new classrooms reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge education. 

December, 2021

As we embraced the digital era, IDEA Group took a monumental step forward in December 2021 with the inauguration of our state-of-the-art production studio. This strategic initiative was a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement in e-learning services and overall media production across the entire group/ The studio serves as a creative hub, empowering us to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our educational content, further elevating the learning experience of our community.

May, 2022

In May 2022, IDEA Group embarked on a journey of global expansion by proudly opening our campus in Dubai. This significant milestone marked a pivotal moment in our vision of establishing a more global community. The Dubai campus not only extends our reach but also reflects our dedication to providing world-class education and fostering international collaboration. As we stepped onto the global stage, we carried with us the values and expertise that have defined IDEA Group since its inception.

October, 2022

In October 2022. IDEA Group took a bold step into the realm of data-driven insights with the launch of This innovative platform serves as our dedicated space to conduct national surveys and market research using cutting-edge technological platforms while adhering to the principles of the scientific method. 

January, 2023

At the dawn of the new year, IDEA Group achieved one of its proudest moments in January 2023 with the completion of our custom-built Nursing Simulator. This groundbreaking development empowered IDEA Academy to venture into the specialised field of Nursing Studies. The simulator, a testament to our commitment to hands-on and immersive education, provides students with a realistic and interactive learning environment. 



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