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FirstlyESG is inevitable

Stakeholder Expectations

Meeting stakeholder expectations is not just a goal - it’s a mandate. ESG practices align your business with the values of stakeholders - fostering trust & long-term relationships.

Future-proof operations

Adapting to a dynamic business landscape is key to survival. ESG is a strategic imperative for future-proofing your business. Investing in ESG practices safeguards your operations against potential regulatory risks.

Investment & Talent

In a world where purpose matters, ESG helps attract investment & top-tier talent. The emerging workforce seeks employers aligned with their values.

HoweverSomething is missing

The Challenges

ESG issues are not clearly defined, they may be subjective. Moreover, there is no unified framework that we can agree on. Yes, there are a number of solutions that offer metrics - but we're missing what the business owner is after

A company's ESG score

We know that business owners want to do good work. But the ambiguity surrounding ESG creates uncertainty. This hinders the pursuit of sustainable business practices. A unified score and methodology is required.

Metrics without meaning are pointless

What is the point of knowing the business' table of ESG related emtrics if they are not explained or comparable?

Introducing a clear path forward

Quantitative ESG

Our bespoke quantitative ESG model is built on a three-level hierarchy of information. The concept of ESG is divided into three pillars (Environmental, Social & Governance); the pillars are divided into topics; the topics are divided into factors. 


Through this granular breakdown, we create a holistic ESG score that accurately reflects your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and sound governance.

No longer will your ESG score be an enigma – it will be a clear & objective representation of your business’ impact.


Improving our ESG score

Yes, we have developed a fully explainable ESG scoring system, but our commitment goes beyond that. 

Our team of consultant will guide you through the process of improving your ESG score. We don’y just strategise a structured ESG action plan – but help you execute it. 

The model will be used to show where we need to improve & measure our progress in the process.

Unlocking Strategic Funding for ESG Advancements

Investing in ESG advancements can be costly and we understand the financial considerations.

Our services also extend to exploring a variety of funding opportunities tailored to your specific ESG initiatives. 

By strategically aligning investments with potential funding avenues, we help ensure that your commitment to ESG excellence is not only impactful but also financially sustainable.

Introductory Work

In a field such as ESG, we understand how the majority of companies are in the same boat – trying to understand where to get started.
It is for this reason that we also help clients embrace ESG practices and identify where information can be obtained and how to measure it before the quantitative model is invoked. This also involves establishing standard operating procedures and training the key personnel for these concepts. 

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