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20 years of trust, tailored service & transformation. Welcome to IDEA Group, a 20-year-old company that has been providing a wide range of horizontal solutions to clients looking for innovative, precise and reliable services.

What We DoPresenting the IDEA Solutions Suite

SMEs & Family Businesses

Navigate your business journey with a roadmap designed and perfected by a family-run SME, just for you.

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Business Strategy

Shape your business's future with a strategy that's not only adaptive and resilient but also deeply rooted in trust and reliability.

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Digital Consultancy

Bridge the gap between technology and success with our strategic digital consultancy aligning innovation with your objectives.

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Change your life without disrupting your career, through an education designed for ambitious professionals.

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Stay ahead in your industry with tailor-made training programs that prepare you for today and the challenges of tomorrow.

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Foster innovation and bridge knowledge gaps with our methodical research approach that's driven by an insatiable curiosity.

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Focuses on conducting in-depth research on your customers, your competitors, and your search engine landscape.

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Live life carefree, thanks to a personalised care plan meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

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Embark on a sustainable future with our approach that makes environmental, social, and governance goals tangible and achievable.

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Management Review

Unlock the full potential of your management with comprehensive reviews that believe in the power of measurement for improvement.

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What we believe inOur 3 core values

privacy policy

Long-term relationships & Trust

We aim to develop a long-term, individual relationship with clients based on trust and commitment


Bespoke Approach

We believe in a bespoke approach because every client brings about unique objectives, resources and challenges


Pre-Emptive Approach

By following market research, we predict industry pain points to reach out to our clients with solutions

Latest news and insightsThe latest News, Developments and Insights from our Experts.

Digital Transformation and Digital Consultancy

Digital Transformation and Digital Consultancy

Byte Me: A Hilarious Journey through Digital Transformation Digital transformation is like giving your business…
Why do we need Data Science?

Why do we need Data Science?

We’re in the 2020s, a time where all our activity generates data on a daily basis (at the least). This…

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