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Bridging Academia & Industry

IDEA Group’s research department is a dynamic hub dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. Our department is divided into two complementary components:

  1. The academic-focused research wing within IDEA Academy
  2. The industry-oriented national research brand,

Together, they form a comprehensive ecosystem that supports and enhances research in various fields.

IDEA AcademyAcademic Research & Development

At IDEA Academy, our mission is to support the creation and dissemination of scientific information that significantly impacts practices and strategic decision-making. We are committed to enhancing operations and systems through rigorous scientific research, focusing on areas crucial for contemporary society and business.

Sustainability Research

We are dedicated to developing a research infrastructure that prioritises sustainable practices, recognising the importance of environmental conservation in all sectors.

Emerging Technologies

Our team is deeply involved in researching the application and integration of emerging technologies, ensuring that our partners and stakeholders re at the forefront of technological advancements.

Social Inclusion

We believe in the power of research to foster social inclusion, aiming to create tools and strategies that promote inclusivity and diversity in various social settings.

High-Performance Development

By developing efficient management tools in health, education and business, we bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring a synergistic relationship that benefits both realms.

The IDEA Journal of Applied Research

IDEA Academy’s journal in multidisciplinary applied research is a publication that brings together the brightest minds from a variety of fields to present their latest findings and explore innovative solutions to real-world problems.

With a focus on applied research, this journal bridges the gap between academia and industry, highlighting the practical applications of cutting-edge theories and technologies.


Next Edition: “Investments in the Future; Sustainability in the International and Domestic Agenda”

The main topic of the special Anniversary issue of the journal is:

  • Economic Progress
  • Social Responsibility
  • Human Values
  • High Technologies
  • Heritage and Modernity

Modern Techniques / Classic MathematicsNational Professional Research is a versatile and user-friendly online survey platform designed to help individuals, businesses and organisations easily create, distribute and analyse surveys. With an array of powerful features and a user-centric interface, empowers users to gather valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and enhance their understanding of various topics.

Survey Creation provides a comprehensive survey creation toolset, allowing users to build customised surveys. With a user-friendly interface, users can easily add a variety of question types.

Distribution & Data Collection

Effortless distribution of surveys is possible - users can share surveys through embedded links. Furthermore, the platform supports mobile responsiveness, ensuring surveys are accessible and optimised across various devices.

Reporting offers dashboarding capabilities to derive meaningful insights from survey data in real-time. Users can use their dashboard to monitor intuitive visualisations such as charts and graphs to aid in data interpretation and presentation.

Tailored Services is backed by a team of data scientists and consultants that can provide a start-to-finish service of industry-grade research for a client. All we would need is a client's research question and we'll take care of designing the survey, gathering data, analysing it and providing a full report.

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